A relocation specialist is an expert who manages the details involved with relocating to a new area. These specialists work nationwide and worldwide, to make moving as painless as possible. A relocation specialist will help you through every step of the moving process, from selling your current home to closing on a new one.


  • The exact services a relocation specialist provides will depend on who you use, but there are some services that almost any relocation specialist will provide.
  • The biggest tasks that a relocation expert will handle are selling your current home and helping you rent or buy a new one. They will handle the time-consuming paperwork involved with buying and selling the property and keep you up to date on the status.
  • Relocation experts will also help with the logistics of traveling to your new location. This includes everything from helping you book travel to ensuring that you have the proper passport and visa, travel insurance, immunizations, and so on. If you have pets, they will help you figure out the best way to get there.
  • If you have kids, a relocation specialist will help you enroll them in school. This can be particularly helpful if you’re moving late in the summer or during the middle of the school year.
  • These services will also help you with grunt work that relates to your new home. If contractors are doing work on your new home before you arrive, your relocation service can be there to supervise.
  • Your specialist will also help with other tasks related to your move, like finding a moving company and services to pack and ship your things.


  • Like many things in life, the frustrating answer to this is, “it depends.” If your company is relocating you, they’ll probably pay for your relocation service, meaning you get the benefits for free.
  • Even if you’re not being relocated for work, you may be able to find a relocation service that doesn’t cost a thing. Some relocation specialists get paid by referral fees from the vendors and moving companies they work with, rather than charging their clients directly.
  • If you’re not lucky enough to get a free relocation specialist, the price will vary based on where you currently live, where you’re moving, and what services you need from them.


Just a few of the skills an experienced relocation specialist can provide include:

  • Relocation Appraisals and their use
  • Accurate city-to-city comparisons for cost of living and housing
  • Recommendations and evaluations of reputable moving firms and moving service providers
  • Counseling on family moves, and strategies for reducing relocation's impact 
  • In depth and detailed knowledge of the communities that they serve, and what new residents should know
  • Wide and deep connections with local organizations to help relocating homeowners join the community
  • Assistance in a spouse's job search
  • Essential advice on basic tax and legal implications of corporate relocation

What is a Relocation Specialist?

I will cover Formal vs. Informal Relocation, Buying & Selling When Relocating, and What a Relocation Specialist Has to Offer You

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